▬» tok’l-metal
On Yuggoth, the Mi-go mine a strange metal known as tok’l. Tok’l-metal is used in the manufacture of the Mi-go’s notorious “brain cylinders”, but it also has other ritual uses as well. ».

I “don’t know” how this relates conceptually enough to what I said about trans-bolshevik accelerationism, about sacrificing humans en toto (“hehe, so cool!”) for chthonic “gods,” which desire naught but the dissolution of intelligibility, order & life into elementary (i.e. puddled, dis-soluted, dis-organized & inorganic) forms. Dwarf rebellion. The externalization of hierarchy. Which seems to work “well” with racial putrefaction; obviously enough since the darker races are closer to the dark earth, while the lighter transmit more of the Sun.

▬» In Germanic mythology, a dwarf is a short human-like being that dwells in mountains and in the earth, and is variously associated with wisdom, smithing, mining, and crafting. »

But it certainly relates enough to relate, study and cauterize:

▬» There are certain people who will sneer at what I have to say but they do not matter. In fact, they do not really exist. But what I have to say is this: there are these mutants and they are now within the most powerful magickal orders and groups in the world today. They are slowly working to destroy utterly the old ways. They are making use of the most subtle methods of modern information science to achieve their ends. They are fearful of nothing, which means they only fear the powers of the Meon [noumena]. They possess the disciplined mentality of the synchronistic robotic consciousness and nothing else. They have only one loyalty and they have only one sense of honor, and that is to Yuggoth [Pluto/9] and only to Yuggoth. And by means of their weird techniques of computer programming, they will win out over all their opposition because ultimately there is only one fundamental power and that too is Yuggoth. »

—Loc. Git., The Voudon Gnostic Workbook

I think Nick Land is possessed by this current.

▬» November 19, 2007 at 3:27 pm  Hermya Matilene says:

One point I have found especially meaningful ( amongst many)is the Aristasian equivalence of the ‘iron age’ of the Kali Yuga with the planetary rulership of iron by Mars – a most telling correspondance which reveals much about the deteriorated and abnormal conditions of this negative cycle of time. »

▬» March 9, 2008 at 6:54 pm Nigel Jackson says:

This particular point of Aristasian metaphysics, the Hesiodic ‘Age of Iron’/Kali Yuga corresponding to iron as the planetary metal of Mars got me to thinking…this symbolic connection affords a very profound insight into the true nature of this age, especially in the light of Mars as a ‘Malefic’ in traditional astrology and iron naturally linking with the inferior and maleficent aspect of metallurgy and metals, expressed all too tangibly in this cycle of the Mahayuga with its overwhelmingly coarse and degraded climate, the endless turbulence of wars, the ubiquitous atmosphere of aggression which increasingly characterizes daily life in the modern world and the relentless emphasis upon violence in popular culture. Again this chimes with certain concepts in Esoterism, particularly traditonal Kabbalistic ideas re. the connection between Mars and demonic and infra-human powers and Rene Guenon in particular has underlined the connection between iron and metals in this inferior aspect and the demonic potencies (Klippoth) in Jewish mysticism.

Very Best Wishes,
Nigel Jackson »


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