Good post. You hit your arrows precisely on chief Chieh, who was not as precise, this time.

If that’s true, then today’s reactionaries are in a sad state. At one point they wanted to preserve the King. When that failed, they wanted to restore him. Now they just want to be left alone? LARPing works best without interference from the rest of the world I guess.

This nails it. But haven’t reactionaries always been in a sad state? Isn’t that the state of mere reaction: —pure sadness? Sorrowful vain jerkoff. ‘Let the dead bury the dead’ — says the Lord of Crucifiction, but the dead live-on in our blood, so far as our blood lives on. However, that pertains only to one’s affiliated dead, or does it? What is this—necromancy? Nec Roman see? Neuromancy? Waning ghosts? Neurotic transactions? New Roman transactions? Neuroman transactions? At last not mere reactions. Not mere reflexes, but a projecting forth, a shining through a verbal anus. Cyber-anus. I shit out produce.

Hitler’s was exactly a reaction. Not a noble reaction but a reaction still. Nihilism’s reaction and reflex. “Mobilize!” He’d better have started drawing Gundams.

Your mistaking of my Monarch Project however is another matter. I am not reacting to techno-modernity — I am it. So far as my relation to it extends, which is helluva far.

Do I equate that with Leftist modernity?

What is my projected modernity?

Is atomization your God?

Are you socially fit?

What is social



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