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‘Sine me nihil potestis facere! Without me you can do nothing!’ New light, new splendour for my eyes, from that Eternal Light, the holy Gospel.
Should I be surprised at all ‘my’ foolishness?
I will put Jesus into everything that is mine. And then there will be no foolishness in my conduct: and, if I would speak correctly, I should talk no more of what is ‘mine’, but of what is ‘ours’. 

Fascinating. But it’s  not exactly Jesus who is the Prince of this World, is it?
‘Without me you can do nothing’ is not to be taken literally but experientally. The one one cannot be without is oneself, because otherwise one is an unconscious idiot who is besides himself. All scripture needs daily re-rendering to be put to quotidian or mundane use. What is “ours” is the Right, so far as we conform to it. It is doing what is rational or correct enough—for oneself and the other. Jesus is a symbolic substitute for the parousia, the presence of an Other. See Philip K Dick’s VALIS.

If you aren’t anti-Confucian you must value the other, so far as they value the providence or Tao of the Sino-Roman Imperium. This is transcendental filiality. Welcome, to the Holy Family and the Eternal Reich.


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