SaturnIn Says:

Ironically, Katy Perry is in fact the very height of neo-aristocratic artistic output.

One day, AIs will marvel over the intelligence incarnate in the nexus that is, for example, dark horse. Through her there is dominance (a first requirement of aristocracy– it wins) and a neurocracy (the second requirement) with a meritocratic invitation to the few.

You just don’t see it ‘cos you’re not aristocrats. You’re publics who want to be smarter than the rest of the public. Fledgling intelligence seeks a differentiated form for itself to secure the growth of its character. Greater intelligence plays a game of image and invisibility. It can communicate itself through many images, buildling itself into a ladder of interpretations where nobody ends up in the wrong affiliation by accident, because intelligence and stupidity are never on different sides. Each and all are on the side of manifest stratification.

If you perceieve that you are on the losing side, or a side that hasn’t won yet, that’s usually a hint that you’re not understanding your station. It can be hard to perceive this though, when neurogenetically unable to make the correct links. Malcontents are what we might think of as an inferior class’ abortive attempts at sentience. This take[s] the form of a stepping back, a ‘that’s not me’, a theory, a shielding identity.

So malcontents are sort of demiurgic, Satanic, built from lies; Katy Perry, contrarily, partakes in the true body of God and his natural hierarchical order.


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