Yet the author of even this article is still seems profane. Seems like a mere Traditionalist. I.e. like one not living with the god-s.


To re-sacralize this profane society, is the only way.

Look into the Fire, a sacred entity, the ultra-living element.

— that´s what the Paterfamilias did. Even Cologero reported this, after I made a few comments about Fustel de Coulanges´. That´s what these HRx bloggers ‘need’ to read. And actually fucking do it, sit beside the fire. And occasionally, like a madman, gaze. They might see, eventually, what we´ve seen; beyond the pseudospiritual — so-called HRx or not — reactivism, which includes sterile Traditionalism — and, akin — Guénonian scholasticism.

▬{ the worship of deadforms goes counter to the craft of the statesman. }

The author said, But nothing ever dies. And what is dead

may never die. (This isn´t just a poem or a cliché).

Wanna play HRx? Wanna play Imperial cult?


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