We´d like to, as it were, criticize. Critical theory is critical. In the brackets are outstanding sentences  from the following linked article.


{ Whenever the mercantile interest is placed in the foremost patriarchy weakens and demotic chaos creeps in. }

▬{ or with some comparably nerdy epithet to express their resentment of the heroic.}

▬{ The neo prefix to cameralism seems to expunge the original of its Teutonism and martiality for a hyper whig pass(c)ifism. }

▬{ It is certainly true a materialist ought to be anti-democratic to meet his desires }

▬{ a disproportionately high math-over-verbal IQ is deleterious for the aspiring dark brahman }

▬{ Any divisions this post may cause is for the better }
No birth without schizm.


A perfect judge will read each work of wit
With the same spirit that its author writ;
[Pope, “An Essay on Criticism,” 1709]

Plus for deeming Right.


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