Don’t pretend I’m not as violent as a dropkick

Crazy like a kamikaze pilot in a cockpit,
Brashness of demons spitting flames
I’m a fire lord,
Elegant and dangerous like a angel with a fire sword,
Fly like a falcon,
Grip you like a vulcan,
Flip you like a dolphin,
Then hit you like I’m golfin’,
We got the family back together like the Huxtable’s,
Now I’m back to blowing up again like I’m combustable
Don’t give a fuck about a keeper cause he’s “younger man”
You see the strongest will survive like it’s the Hunger Games
Steppin’ with my weapon
I’m the deafest leprechaun
Hot and I won’t stop
Until I’m fucking upper echelon[Hook:]
I’m the last, I’m the last
I’m the last emperor
Little skinny imp with a brazen temper,
I’m an underground king
I’m a trap mentor
I got a heart made of gold with a black centre
I’m the last, I’m the last
I’m the last emperor
I’m the king of this castle but you can’t enter
I’m an underground king
I’m a rap mentor
I’m the last, I’m the last
I’m the last emperorEverything you spit
It is wishy washy
My personalities combined
Make a vicious posse
Wonderful like witchcraft
Colourful like Riff Raff,
Blow a bit of piff back
I’ll throw up on a sick track,
Fellas kicking lyrics like Tianjin Wushu
Do a show and pay the fucking rent
And buy some new shoes
This new shit is big dawg
Relevant elephant
These rappers they are soft dawg
Gelatin skeleton
I get words from movies
I write my rhymes on looseleaf
I still get reclusive
I still sweat profusely
I still got the best kung fu
Call me Bruce Lee
I still got a bad hairline
And need new teeth[Hook]Mystic northerner
Encrypted messages
My blood is pure dawg
Persistent optimate
My thirst is merciless
My hungers infinite
My words are virtuous
My brains my instrument
I’m only half man
I’m a saboteur,
But I get love from my citus like Macklemore,
I was a king now I’m a legend in a Deep lore
Friends were full of shit so now I dodge ’em like a matador
New son of heaven I am riding on a dragon
In human form a bastard boy that is riding with a magnum
These kids they know it is impossible to keep me quiet
They know it’s on now
Cause they awoke a sleeping giant[Hook]I breathe fire like a dragon
Breathe fire like a dragon
Madchild come up with words you can’t imagine
I breathe fire like a dragon

2016-07-05 04_37_21-Massive Attack - Paradise Circus - YouTube
rainbovvs are black

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