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dimensional bleedthru

1. We live at the end of the historical cycle. All processes that constitute the flow of history have come to a logical impasse.
a. The end of capitalism.
b. The end of resources.
c. The end of society.
d. The end of the individual.
e. The end of nations and peoples.
f. The end of knowledge.
g. The end of progress.

2. In general, we are dealing with the end of a vast historical cycle, whose basic parameters are exhausted and upset. The expectations that had been a part of it are being erased or have proven to be deceptions. The end of the world does not simply happen, it unfolds before our eyes. We are both observers and participants in the process.

3. The current situation is intolerable, not only as it is, but also because of where it is going. Today, a catastrophe; tomorrow, species-wide suicide.

4. Those that have saved at least a grain of independent and free intellect can’t help but wonder: what is the reason for our current situation? What are the origins and triggers of this disaster?

5. Just as there are causes for the current disastrous situation, likewise there are those whose interests depend on the status quo — who want it to last, profit from it, are responsible for it, support it, strengthen it, and protect and guard it, as well as prevent it from changing its course of development. This is the global oligarchic transnational class, which includes the political, financial, economic, and military-strategic core of the world’s elite (mostly Western), as well as a broad network of intellectuals who serve it, and executives and media moguls who form their loyal entourage. Global oligarchy becomes the enemy of all mankind. But the very presence of an identifiable enemy gives us a chance to defeat them, a chance for salvation, and an opportunity to overcome the catastrophe.

Dugin, Alexander. Eurasian Mission: An Introduction to Neo-Eurasianism

[Apprish to S.C. Hickman]


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