Neu Times Roman

It is now the time to leave no stone un-turned.
so far as we have record, Greece and Rome were the most advanced civilizations that the world had yet seen. and here I am writing in Roman alphabet.

The more we congress all of this the more we come to value seeing, as PKD, that we are living in Roman Times (anyone would admit at least we are living in Roman time, our Gregorian calendar only being an aspect of the Julian) — and that, as I’ve touched upon before: “Modernity” isn’t something that merely starts after the Middle-Ages, but something implicit in the beginning.

The period which Platon lives in is proto-Modernity—or Primitive Modernity, even Early Modernity—if we consider that [in ancient Greece] atheism, and materialism, indeed, even atomism, abounds.


One thought on “Neu Times Roman

  1. Make the Sophism connection.

    Sophism is a culture, just as Philosophy is a culture. Modernity is the result of a thoroughly entrenched Sophism infection.

    See also: the fall of monarchies ancient and recent always happened after they could have plausibly heard Protagoras’ message.

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