the admin of a nexus of neoreaction recently saw fit to feature under the title of Theonomy information on so-called Chistian Reconstructionism. many of said movement, as with many so-called christian movements, are hardly in that much of an alignment with the doctrine of that son of man, called in the original greek—Iesous. it’s even doubted if homosexuality is specifically referenced in the New Testament at all, and the fact is that a great percentage of people claiming to be christians actually aren’t for they are against and act against the sayings of the Christ, as the Christ was a friend of sinners and preached not to judge them. there is hardly more to be said about this as it’s as simple as this: a hateful person is not following the theo-logical virtues:  pistis, elpis, and caritas.

it’s a very common tendency to claim to be something one isn’t, and whole movements are based on such selfdeception. nothing is more to the discredit of christianity than the millions of people who think they are christian but aren’t—the pseudochristians. these are the people conducting all the embarrassing things people associate with an otherwise holy world-thing. holy means leading to the whole, as in being a whole person but not insane creature of ressentiment. (a ressentimenter). if it is what it is supposed to be it is healing (—making you work well with what matters of the rest), and even etymologically means the same.

but what is theonomy? obviously it’s more than what some authors on Wikipedia have classified it as, as they merely describe it as bible-based.

theos “god” PIE root *dhes, root of words applied to various religious concepts, such as Latin feriae “holidays,” festus “festive,” fanum “temple.” + –nomos “custom, law, usage,” from PIE root *nem– “to divide, distribute, allot”

the word means law according to the lawgiver—something which far exceeds the boundaries of any particular godforms—which the prechristian Platón knew as demiurgos—the universal artisan. the principle of any craft. especially we might say statecraft. even more than 2000 years later most statecraft still refers to Platón (but of course has root in sapience itself).


statecraft is the occupation of any man who is of a certain order. for him the state begins with his mind, or the mind-body complex, and then, with no absolute demarcation, as there is no gap, no vacuum betwixt mind and objects, his relations with his local objects, such as how he is diplomatic (e.g.) or not with his family members, or anyone he meets, but the objects obviously include animals, furniture or whatever even has a place in mind. then it goes to the extended area of objects, arranged socially, society, civilization and various orders within—architectural styles, ideologies, enemies, friends, groups of partners in whatever makes one busy at play or strive. nrx has conceived of one of these entities as thede.
all these are at constant war with each other, but more in cooperation (for were war to exceed cooperation overall the world of objects beings would quickly entropy dissipate back to naught). thus is the great chain of being. [1]

Particular churches and sects usurp the gates of heaven, and turn the key against each other; and thus we go to heaven against each others’ wills, conceits, and opinions …
― «Religio Medici». 1642.

“For here is a man who, in some sense, is desperate, in a frenzy. The world keeps disappearing, losing meaning, vanishing — and he must seek meaning, make meaning, in a desperate way, continually inventing, throwing bridges of meaning over abysses of meaninglessness, the chaos that yawns continually beneath him.”
― Oliver Sacks, «The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales». 1985.

statecraft is a preoccupation with a favorable state. a favorable status. a sane one. whatever that means. for god it means simply what is—what comes, what is, what overcomes, what remains.
thus he declares I AM THAT I AM—and oblivion is its greatest ally. what does that mean? it means that the effect of the great chain of being is contradiction.

yet the great chain of being is itself pure diction. as in it’s an immutable command & control hierarchy towards which the abyss forever rages, the armies of hell eternally vie for re-placing it (on earth). that is why even today even the american empire is based on the symbols of greece and rome, and egypt and all the old chains of being. it’s always the same universal alchemy. even though one the surface of the abyss the symbols vary at root they are the same. otherwise they would’t function. that is to say for anything to function it requires a unity, and chaos is ever merely an apparition of another order. we refer to the principle which explains why the chinese word for crisis also means opportunity. chao ab ordo.

the ars regia is ever the same. its agents vary. this is the universal theonomy.

this tradition is the fisher of men.

but how many species are there?


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  1. “it’s even doubted if homosexuality is specifically referenced in the New Testament at all, and the fact is that a great percentage of people claiming to be christians actually aren’t for they are against and act against the sayings of the Christ, as the Christ was a friend of sinners and preached not to judge them.”

    This is heresy, plain and simple. No Christian government in history has EVER decriminalized sodomy. It is a moral crime, and should carry legal penalties along with adultery and thievery.

    • bless you. you are heretic, mr. Citadel, but of course also a complex one. Jesus did not establish or set foot a Statist Authoritarian Government such as you preach through your heresy, although he did influence a worldly church through St. Peter (rock) and a spiritual one through St. John.


      Tolstoy knew as much. but you “Citadel” belong to the legion that has made an idol out of the Repressive State.

      St. Hans Urs von Balthasar also knew as much, that the Roman church is a harlot.


      do not worry though as Fascists such as you are more and more alienated from power, and are the new sects, with your legion of blogs, and schizms.

      we already dealt with this in one of our posts on this blog.

      i welcome your nuttery as it increases the diversity, mr. Citadel.

      • How amusing. What you don’t know is that my ‘sect’ which is the one true holy apostolic Christian faith is growing in intensity and power within Russia, that we have the ears of the Kremlin and the Duma, who will soon not only listen to us but will indeed be us, and that before long we will wreak a calamity on the Modern World, webbed as it is by what the satanic bastards of the French Revolution unleashed. We do not fear death, nor do we fear heretics like you.

        “Sooner or later the endless spectacle is over. Then we will take revenge, mercilessly”

        – Aleksandr Dugin

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