traditioñ of spontaneous order

neon tradition is a traditio of sponta neous order.
it para doxically remedi-ates the debris of history into living forms of structure — order.

We live in two worlds simultaneously. One world is the world of decay. the old world falling apart, the rot, and the release of bound entities into the realm of possibility. The other wold is the world of emergence, which feeds on the decay of the old world. It is where the unbounded entities of the old world become integral parts of new cohesive structures for the new world. Yet, the old world never completely dies, and the new world is never completely born. It is a tension that we sense down to our very being.

„The New Reaction warns that the tide is against us.” warns the admin of a nexus of neoreaction.

but the tide is with us. or anyway we do not struggle against it. we swim in it or ride on it.

indeed intelligence informs us, in abundance! we are theonomists at least in this: if it is an arrival into our mundane mundus from nonhuman source, so much the better. markets, machines, and the asceticism of capital (effective knowledge) inspire$ us.

ex nihilo capital 


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