▬» tok’l-metal
On Yuggoth, the Mi-go mine a strange metal known as tok’l. Tok’l-metal is used in the manufacture of the Mi-go’s notorious “brain cylinders”, but it also has other ritual uses as well. ».

I “don’t know” how this relates conceptually enough to what I said about trans-bolshevik accelerationism, about sacrificing humans en toto (“hehe, so cool!”) for chthonic “gods,” which desire naught but the dissolution of intelligibility, order & life into elementary (i.e. puddled, dis-soluted, dis-organized & inorganic) forms. Dwarf rebellion. The externalization of hierarchy. Which seems to work “well” with racial putrefaction; obviously enough since the darker races are closer to the dark earth, while the lighter transmit more of the Sun.

▬» In Germanic mythology, a dwarf is a short human-like being that dwells in mountains and in the earth, and is variously associated with wisdom, smithing, mining, and crafting. »

But it certainly relates enough to relate, study and cauterize:

▬» There are certain people who will sneer at what I have to say but they do not matter. In fact, they do not really exist. But what I have to say is this: there are these mutants and they are now within the most powerful magickal orders and groups in the world today. They are slowly working to destroy utterly the old ways. They are making use of the most subtle methods of modern information science to achieve their ends. They are fearful of nothing, which means they only fear the powers of the Meon [noumena]. They possess the disciplined mentality of the synchronistic robotic consciousness and nothing else. They have only one loyalty and they have only one sense of honor, and that is to Yuggoth [Pluto/9] and only to Yuggoth. And by means of their weird techniques of computer programming, they will win out over all their opposition because ultimately there is only one fundamental power and that too is Yuggoth. »

—Loc. Git., The Voudon Gnostic Workbook

I think Nick Land is possessed by this current.

▬» November 19, 2007 at 3:27 pm  Hermya Matilene says:

One point I have found especially meaningful ( amongst many)is the Aristasian equivalence of the ‘iron age’ of the Kali Yuga with the planetary rulership of iron by Mars – a most telling correspondance which reveals much about the deteriorated and abnormal conditions of this negative cycle of time. »

▬» March 9, 2008 at 6:54 pm Nigel Jackson says:

This particular point of Aristasian metaphysics, the Hesiodic ‘Age of Iron’/Kali Yuga corresponding to iron as the planetary metal of Mars got me to thinking…this symbolic connection affords a very profound insight into the true nature of this age, especially in the light of Mars as a ‘Malefic’ in traditional astrology and iron naturally linking with the inferior and maleficent aspect of metallurgy and metals, expressed all too tangibly in this cycle of the Mahayuga with its overwhelmingly coarse and degraded climate, the endless turbulence of wars, the ubiquitous atmosphere of aggression which increasingly characterizes daily life in the modern world and the relentless emphasis upon violence in popular culture. Again this chimes with certain concepts in Esoterism, particularly traditonal Kabbalistic ideas re. the connection between Mars and demonic and infra-human powers and Rene Guenon in particular has underlined the connection between iron and metals in this inferior aspect and the demonic potencies (Klippoth) in Jewish mysticism.

Very Best Wishes,
Nigel Jackson »


Good post. You hit your arrows precisely on chief Chieh, who was not as precise, this time.

If that’s true, then today’s reactionaries are in a sad state. At one point they wanted to preserve the King. When that failed, they wanted to restore him. Now they just want to be left alone? LARPing works best without interference from the rest of the world I guess.

This nails it. But haven’t reactionaries always been in a sad state? Isn’t that the state of mere reaction: —pure sadness? Sorrowful vain jerkoff. ‘Let the dead bury the dead’ — says the Lord of Crucifiction, but the dead live-on in our blood, so far as our blood lives on. However, that pertains only to one’s affiliated dead, or does it? What is this—necromancy? Nec Roman see? Neuromancy? Waning ghosts? Neurotic transactions? New Roman transactions? Neuroman transactions? At last not mere reactions. Not mere reflexes, but a projecting forth, a shining through a verbal anus. Cyber-anus. I shit out produce.

Hitler’s was exactly a reaction. Not a noble reaction but a reaction still. Nihilism’s reaction and reflex. “Mobilize!” He’d better have started drawing Gundams.

Your mistaking of my Monarch Project however is another matter. I am not reacting to techno-modernity — I am it. So far as my relation to it extends, which is helluva far.

Do I equate that with Leftist modernity?

What is my projected modernity?

Is atomization your God?

Are you socially fit?

What is social



▬»     [The Way > Your holiness > Number 416]
‘Sine me nihil potestis facere! Without me you can do nothing!’ New light, new splendour for my eyes, from that Eternal Light, the holy Gospel.
Should I be surprised at all ‘my’ foolishness?
I will put Jesus into everything that is mine. And then there will be no foolishness in my conduct: and, if I would speak correctly, I should talk no more of what is ‘mine’, but of what is ‘ours’. 

Fascinating. But it’s  not exactly Jesus who is the Prince of this World, is it?
‘Without me you can do nothing’ is not to be taken literally but experientally. The one one cannot be without is oneself, because otherwise one is an unconscious idiot who is besides himself. All scripture needs daily re-rendering to be put to quotidian or mundane use. What is “ours” is the Right, so far as we conform to it. It is doing what is rational or correct enough—for oneself and the other. Jesus is a symbolic substitute for the parousia, the presence of an Other. See Philip K Dick’s VALIS.

If you aren’t anti-Confucian you must value the other, so far as they value the providence or Tao of the Sino-Roman Imperium. This is transcendental filiality. Welcome, to the Holy Family and the Eternal Reich.


humanity is a soccer ball being kicked into a transhuman soccer net…

This would be good, if we understand the tanshuman as that—as it—which transists in, and through humanity. The human-“divine essence” itself, the Ghost in the Shell—life—that which renders—DNA—sentience, sapience, subjectivity-objectivity I transmission. Generation, witnessing, experience — But Land’s in its Horroristic vehicle is something more leftist-Revolutionary (i.e. an overthrow, a crushing, a dissolution, hypercriticism, analysis; essentially the evil Black Metal of philosophy or theory-fiction/post-Philosophy*), which is a hoping for—and manifestation of—the abnegation of life through a boundless fantasy (the utopicΩpre-topic Warp:), in this case the phantasmagoria of “the machine;” “computronium”; “the Singularity”; while — in the case of both Black Metal missions: the forces of their — Ideals of “nature,” eruptions, convulsions — nihilism, blacksmithery (proto-mechanics), and “darkness.”

* Indeed this neo-philosophy or post-Philosophy follows the proto-ideological or meta-cultural channel Heavy Metal about the same time—if not a little earlier—started running through as a current, a flood. “Ending” in the ultra-abruptive progressivity of the French act «Deathspell Omega», for a so-far instance-iteration — praising Odium and Death through the machinic dynamisms of reproduced reacting recordings. The culture a feed-back loop screaming for its own cessation.

No, I am not anti-machinic. For the machinic dies if man dies, thus we —right-wingers proper, are salvation for the machine.

Leftist’s essential process is to bring about a falling or reversal of hierarchy. This is done through the valorisation of the devolutionary-entropic (deterministic, unfree, “natural,” dissolution, decay — a coming apart of organic structure) — i.e. ontologically envisioning-placing the lower above the higher. Incidentally: woman above man, rag-tag criminals above—the lawful—(those with auctoritas), screeching-jumping savages above constructors of palaces (the former akin to the moshpits around audible-fantasy), the servitor above the CPU —the machinic that man produces rendered as above man the producer, the projection of the “Noble” onto the raving, onto the savage-“form” or the more formless, convulsive — “above” anything more differentiated (as opposed to atomized), generative(*), and, self-sufficient in the higher sense. * as opposed to proliferating or r-strategizing. (/wiki/R/K_selection_theory)
That’s the “Revolution”: the catastrophic revolving of the lower above the higher, from the inexorable process of historico-spiritual in-volution. Originally royalty, priesthood and warriorhood were one, with artisans under, i.e. they produced civilizational art such as which survives in museums today, and then majority-labourers under— the latter which worked the fields producing that which survives naught but as excrement. Leftist rebell against that all have not “equal position”, in fact they are the desire manifest through the human vessel for the lower to pull down the Higher. “The return to ‘nature’.” Thus through leftism or proto-leftism the internal hierarchy of spiritual warrior nobility (i.e. Heathen royalty, as seen in Rome, and other great ancient civilizations such as Egypt) came asunder, for no one was “equal enough” anymore‡. Eventually royalty declined and the merchant, artisan and majority-labourer castes took over a large part of the struggle, as the former cycle was relatively exhausted. Now we descend even below that into glorification of sub-human processes, ideologised as above even labourers and artisans (. The artist or labourer becomes not a representation of a civilization, but a unit in a collective through which dissolutive emotions take form as degenerate art: i.e. art promoting the dissolution of any distinction between humans (“we’re all shit”, a type of message seen in many an art gallery, analogous to the turd of of the Metallic music: i.e. Punk and then Grindcore, whose listeners-producers have always been more on the Left).

This is obviously the nadir of the whole thing.

Including — obviously — of “Philosophy,” of “Art,” and of what are the occupied channels of what were once civilized cultures.

For it doesn’t get any lower.

Within our lifetimes probably (which matches Nietzsche’s prophesy of the ending of Nihilism) the body will hit the floor. This fantasy-diseased body once infected with the otherworldliness (the fantasy-bent mind) of gnosticism — a cult of death and confusing emotions, terminates in death. Not to horror but amusement, of the Watchers, who live on.

Reality is that the machine does not go through man, but man goes through the machine. The machine comes out of man, the artificed out of the artificer. Man does not come out of a machine, but an evolved living body, which is actually an organism as old as life itself (‘the earliest evidences for life on Earth are 3.8 billion-year-old biogenic hematite’, we come from ultimately the same DNA so far as all life is related).

Now this replacement of life with “computronium” is so far away and fantastic, that I don’t have any problem with Land’s so far as he doesn’t inspire quite directly concrete “futurist”, “modernist”—i.e. neo-bolshevik—violence.

Man is already going through the machine. The machine is always limited to man.

Cyborgs will always dominate. Robots will forever robots be.



SaturnIn Says:

Ironically, Katy Perry is in fact the very height of neo-aristocratic artistic output.

One day, AIs will marvel over the intelligence incarnate in the nexus that is, for example, dark horse. Through her there is dominance (a first requirement of aristocracy– it wins) and a neurocracy (the second requirement) with a meritocratic invitation to the few.

You just don’t see it ‘cos you’re not aristocrats. You’re publics who want to be smarter than the rest of the public. Fledgling intelligence seeks a differentiated form for itself to secure the growth of its character. Greater intelligence plays a game of image and invisibility. It can communicate itself through many images, buildling itself into a ladder of interpretations where nobody ends up in the wrong affiliation by accident, because intelligence and stupidity are never on different sides. Each and all are on the side of manifest stratification.

If you perceieve that you are on the losing side, or a side that hasn’t won yet, that’s usually a hint that you’re not understanding your station. It can be hard to perceive this though, when neurogenetically unable to make the correct links. Malcontents are what we might think of as an inferior class’ abortive attempts at sentience. This take[s] the form of a stepping back, a ‘that’s not me’, a theory, a shielding identity.

So malcontents are sort of demiurgic, Satanic, built from lies; Katy Perry, contrarily, partakes in the true body of God and his natural hierarchical order.





Religious Wars. The greatest advance of the masses hitherto has been religious war, for it proves that the masses have begun to deal reverently with conceptions of things. Religious wars only result, when human reason generally has been refined by the subtle disputes of sects; so that even the populace becomes punctilious and regards trifles as important, actually thinking it possible that the “eternal salvation of the soul” may depend upon minute distinctions of concepts.




We´d like to, as it were, criticize. Critical theory is critical. In the brackets are outstanding sentences  from the following linked article.


{ Whenever the mercantile interest is placed in the foremost patriarchy weakens and demotic chaos creeps in. }

▬{ or with some comparably nerdy epithet to express their resentment of the heroic.}

▬{ The neo prefix to cameralism seems to expunge the original of its Teutonism and martiality for a hyper whig pass(c)ifism. }

▬{ It is certainly true a materialist ought to be anti-democratic to meet his desires }

▬{ a disproportionately high math-over-verbal IQ is deleterious for the aspiring dark brahman }

▬{ Any divisions this post may cause is for the better }
No birth without schizm.


A perfect judge will read each work of wit
With the same spirit that its author writ;
[Pope, “An Essay on Criticism,” 1709]

Plus for deeming Right.